I Believe I CAN!!

The power of positive thinking, We hear it all the time, right! Believe you can and you’re right, believe you can’t and you’re right.

A Lotus Life customer sent this note to me back in 2014 after purchasing a “She Believed She Could So She Did” t-shirt from me at a Summer event. I was moved to tears. The power of positive thoughts and words will change your life. It a choice.

“Back in July I bought this shirt from you at the WaterFire event in Providence, RI. I was going through alot of physical issues at that time and felt that my dream of running the NY Marathon in a few months was never going to happen!! I saw this shirt at your booth and it brought me to tears. I bought it right away. I told you that I planned to wear for the New York City Marathon. The severe winds and low temperatures the day of the marathon forced me to change my plan and I wore something different, but the next day, my Lotus Life t-shirt was the first thing I put on and next was my NYC marathon medal, I felt so proud to be wearing both! Thank you for the inspiration! That quote carried me through so many difficult training days and then, right to the marathon.”

YES, You CAN!!