As the owner of a Wellness Center, one of my missions is to inspire and empower women to embrace their power fully and speak their truth….to move beyond limited beliefs and open to the opportunities to BE it all! Shannon, of Lotus Life, has stepped up to share this message in such a beautiful way with her “inspiring” and powerful messages.  Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your JOY…your passion with all of us!  Namaste

Linda Jaros

LMT/ CYT, The Life Breath Wellness Center

I became introduced to Shannon Caldwell and her Lotus Life shirts several months ago. As I saw her shirts I immediately felt that her quotes and the messages presented on her shirts touch my soul. They aren’t just words but the core of every woman. They inspired me to search deeper about the message I want to share and have in myself. Thank you so much for embracing this in women, Shannon!

Dagmar Gatell

SEO Expert SEO Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Inspiration. There are few things more powerful than a person who is filled with genuine kindness and love and is just bursting to share it unconditionally. Shannon, of Lotus Life, embodies these lovely qualities. My favorite Lotus Life T-Shirt exclaims, “She believed she could so she did.” and I do, and I will  – because I must. It sounds funny but when I wear the shirt, I feel so powerful! Because of that, I bought them for my nieces and they were so excited, they put them on immediately and went to show their older brother.

I was shopping last week, wearing my T-shirt, and a store employee kept looking me over, I was wondering what the heck she kept looking at so looked up, smiled and said hello. She said, “I’m sorry…the shirt, I was reading it. I really like that”.  Ah, that’s what she was looking at! I hope it pops into her mind all the time because words have immense power – they can either hold you down or lift you up. Shannon is a hot air balloon and I’m in the basket for the ride. If you get anything out of reading these testimonials, I hope it’s that you can, you will – you MUST believe in your power.


I was divinely guided (thank you) to your creations. I love supporting anyone who is creating from LOVE and these t-shirts are all that and more!!! I love the affirmations and can feel them speaking straight to my heart. I am very very PROUD to wear my t-shirt, every time I do, I have at least 3 people stop to comment. The designer of these is as authentic and beautiful as her products! I will be purchasing for as long as they are being created!


I am a lifestyle coach and teach the power of a positive . I love the Lotus Life Designs shirts because they are a symbol of no matter what you are going through, you can over come it and create something beautiful. The symbol alone is about taking murky waters and creating a beautiful flower. In your life if you are going through a difficult challenge, now that you can struggle through it and create something beautiful from it. Domestic Violence, Financial Struggles, Cancers, Health Issues, and Loss of a Child can all be devastating if you let it. Or you can take that pain and turn it into something wonderful. Lotus Life Designs is helping those of us struggling with our own demons to focus on the beauty within us and grow and share that beauty with others. Thank you!


These t-shirts are not only inspirational but the way you feel when wearing one! I have four and love wearing them not only for the way I feel but love being able to let others know where they can get them when asked. Shannon is both an inspiration and beautiful inside and out…..she has become a friend that I treasure! These make great gifts for any woman of any age. I purchased one for my daughter when she graduated college. I will always be a fan/ costumer of Lotus Life Designs!!!


Shannon doesn’t know this, but she has a super power. And it is this: she makes women more beautiful. How does she do that? She makes clothing that helps a woman’s soul, her deepest heart, her goodness radiate outwards. Women shine when they wear her clothes! Or, at least, I do. The t-shirts are comfortable and flattering (an irresistible combo!) and the messages on them are inspiring for both the wearer and the reader. It’s a win-win-win!


I don’t spend a lot of money right now as I re-start up my business. Something really has to speak to me, like thick cut bacon and dark chocolate. But not usually clothing. Yet I was drawn into the Lotus Life Designs booth at a local fair, as something about the design, and Shannon, was interesting to me. I was able to thumb through her shirts, inspirational and empowering message after another, and my fingers settled on The Goddess of Heart shirt. I wore it home that day. I am lucky to be able to work from home a few days a week and of this week I threw it on 2 of the 5 days. Those two days, I buzzed, I hummed, I was productive and inspired and felt grounded and passionate about my work, setting up appointments, creating business partnerships, designing my programs. The other days, I was a bit fuzzy, distracted, my thoughts were unorganized and I barely chipped away at my To-Do list. Shannon infuses these shirts with so much good intention, with so much love, with beauty and consciousness that unless I purchase a few more, I will wear this one out within the month. Thank you Shannon, for sharing this abundance with me.