Lotus Life HeadingFrom ancient Egypt to Asian teachings, esoteric Buddhism, and more, spiritual literature spanning across cultures and time have contemplated the significance of a lotus. Some have viewed it as dual symbol for divinity found throughout the universe and at the center of every individual. Similarly, it represents inner awareness or “the inner heart” that connects us all to a higher consciousness, revealing that we, too, are divine; all we need is to open our petals for this heart center and our spiritual natures to be revealed. Lotus Life is all about living your life with a lotus-like mind and heart, taking all of the powerful teachings and symbolism of a lotus and allowing yourself to be mindful, compassionate, and open in your life. When you open your heart, your mind can’t help but follow suit (and vice versa). When you unfurl those petals that have hidden your heart and mind from new beginnings you can see things in an entirely new way, bringing about infinite possibility.Table display The Lotus Life t-shirt line features the lotus heart image as a reminder of the strength it means to come up out of the mud and murky waters, in the same way the lotus grows. Rising above challenges requires you to come from a place of openness in heart and mind, allowing for growth and enlightenment. The purple lotus is significant in that it is not often seen and signifies mystical possibilities and a spiritual path. Lotus Life t-shirts feature inspirational quotes and messages to support you on this journey…a reminder of the strength and beauty already present within you.

The Most Beautiful ThingKnow you are beautiful. Believe you are strong.

Live your Lotus Life.